Used to love my Dell, but when it was time for a new rig for 2000, a visit to the Dell newsgroups alerted me to the problems Dell was having delivering the new 133 MHz motherboards. After deciding I could live without the new RAMBUS RAM and newest Intel chipset, I turned to Micron. A very satisfied customer...OK the three fans are a little noisy...but check out the specs!

Went with a 19 inch Iiyama Vision Master Pro 450 after reading the glowing is really FLAT. Got a great deal by purchasing a reconditioned model from their factory...the warranty was the same as new.

Millennia Max GS133
733 MHz Intel Pentium III
384 MB 133 MHz SDRAM
32 MB nvidia TNT Pro video card
27 GB IDE ATA-66 hard drive
Zip Drive
Win NT 4.0 and Win 98


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