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Lovely soft yarn to work with if you like variegated yarns...I did like the way the heel stitch on the heel flap and sole turned out. The sock is a good example of how using a slip stitch pattern can improve the way a variegated yarn appears...the slipped parts look more like the way the yarn looks in a ball.

US size One needles...probably 72 stitches for my size 8 ladies foot. Worked ankle down...continued heel stitch (K1, P1 and knit alternate rows) while doing gussets. After finishing gussets, did heel stitch on all bottom stitches until I started the toes which I worked plain...after redoing them ten times (well, it seemed like ten) on a trip to Meteor Crater last week. After finishing the toe, I returned to my provisional cast-on at the ankle and worked UP as high as I wanted...still have two of the balls pictured above left over :-)

And I ALWAYS make both socks at the same time...doing a section on one and then the same section on the other one...with five needles :-)

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January 9, 2009
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