Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Edge Finishing

Spent a little time this morning weaving in all the loose ends. I left the one at the center front because I will start my crocheted edging here and I left one that was at the bottom of one of the arm holes because I will start picking up stitches here.

My favorite way to hid ends is to thread them onto a yarn needle and duplicate stitch with them on the wrong side of the garment. They really become invisible.

Here are some instructions for duplicate stitch:
Craftsmen Studio

Next I added a border of single crochet around the neck opening. Choosing a crochet hook a little smaller than the size of my knitting needles, I attached the yarn to the bottom of the v-neck and single crocheted my way around the neckline.

TIP: I like to go under at least two threads for my single crocheted edging. Your goal should be to have an edge that is flat and not too tight - if you pick up too many stitches, the edge will ruffle, not enough and the edge will loose its stretch.