Monday, May 31, 2004

Questions answered and my swatching ends

Answers to a couple of questions:

Marcy said "The amount of stretch determines fit. The more you have to stretch it to get it to measure the required number of inches, the tighter it will fit against your body."

YES - you are absolutely right! A combination of stretch and measured size will give you the fit you want. The swatch I am going with has very little widthwise stretch (swatch #2) so I will need to be conscious of the finished measurement to insure it has the fit I want (not too tight.)

Someone else ask "Does it matter if we swatch for this in the round or flat (back & forth)?"

Good question - it usually recommended that you swatch the same way you will knit - that is, swatch in the round if the finished garment will be knit in the round. In this case, because the garment will be the same on the right side (RS) and the wrong side (WS), you can swatch flat. On a sweater done in the round where you are knitting every round, if you swatched flat (knit the front and purled the back), your gauge might be different for the knit rows vs. the purl rows so it would be a good idea to swatch in the round.

If any of you want to send in pictures of your swatches, I can post them here (keep the size to under 50K.) I will add a list of the yarns we are using to the sidebar later today.

The yarn I have decided to go with is the slippery orange ladder yarn - made bearable with the addition of a single strand of orange cotton flake yarn. Also, I switched from metal to bamboo needles for less slipping.

I'll be back later to talk about casting on.


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