Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Edge Finishing

Spent a little time this morning weaving in all the loose ends. I left the one at the center front because I will start my crocheted edging here and I left one that was at the bottom of one of the arm holes because I will start picking up stitches here.

My favorite way to hid ends is to thread them onto a yarn needle and duplicate stitch with them on the wrong side of the garment. They really become invisible.

Here are some instructions for duplicate stitch:
Craftsmen Studio

Next I added a border of single crochet around the neck opening. Choosing a crochet hook a little smaller than the size of my knitting needles, I attached the yarn to the bottom of the v-neck and single crocheted my way around the neckline.

TIP: I like to go under at least two threads for my single crocheted edging. Your goal should be to have an edge that is flat and not too tight - if you pick up too many stitches, the edge will ruffle, not enough and the edge will loose its stretch.


Anonymous said...

are there points at the end for being the putzy-est amongst us?!?

haven't started the 3 needle bind off yet...i have to hunt down a third needle...they're still packed from my mini vacation. :\ but i was glad this was the method of choice. from all i've seen and read i liked this option the best. :)

i may be a turtle on this project...but i am loving what i have so far! in fact..i have my yarn all picked out to do a second one.. :)


11:31 AM  
Filomena said...

Hi, just checking in.

I think I'm probably way behind most of you. I'm 1 or 2 inches below the armholes, so I'm still "K2P2ing" around and around.
Have to admit lately I haven't payed my T-Top the attention it deserves, as I am wipping up a little purse to wear at an upcoming family wedding.
I can tell my T-Top is feeling neglected :(

3:11 PM  
Anonymous said...

great news...i'm FINISHED!!!!
and i love it :)

all the rain my area has had allowed me to sit and knit and poof, it's done!
i love those little lapels. just enough to add a little something to the front.

most women say someday my prince will come...skip the darm prince..just give me a digi camera! so sorry..no pics. :( but a rave review from the bf on my first top. :))


9:36 AM  
limedragon :-: Harriet said...

WOOHOOO!!! My t-top yarn finally arrived today after 2 long months of waiting. :) It's gorgeous--darker purple than I expected, so it looks great, and the cotton-silk combo is sooo luxurious!

I'm working on the swatch and figuring out the measurements right now. My first swatch was only 3" wide with the ribbing slightly stretched, which would be way too tight for my taste, so I need to find some bigger needles and try again.

3:30 PM  

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