Monday, June 28, 2004

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First - Congratulations to Mimi C. who has finished TWO T-Tops - one for her daughter and one for herself, with a third in the planning. Big round of applause - Way to go, Mimi!

I've been working on the back of mine:

Perfect front porch knitting for listening to all the summertime fire news coming from DH :-)

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mimi-c said...

Hi, I made a photo of the T-tops but, haven't got a clue as to how to post it....can you give me some instructions???

4:27 AM
Anonymous said...

Actually, it isn't just the comments that are a problem. ANY link, including those under "previous posts" won't work. I still don't understand how it can be a javascript problem, because I've been able to view other "Powered by Blogger" blogs with javascript comments like yours and they work just fine.

Anyhoo WTG Mimi on the two tops done already. :) Hope Erica can post it somehow so that we can see them!


4:54 AM
mimi-c said...

Thought I'd post a photo of the T-tops.....but can't figure out how........Can you give me some instructions? thanks,

5:04 AM
mimi-c said...

I apologize for the duplicate posts, thought I had sent the first into the twilight zone.......

5:24 AM
Anonymous said...

congratulations ladies!!!!!

i'm much slower than the rest i fear...but i did my crochet cast on..yeah me..;) took the tips from all and purchased those itty bitty colored rubber band "thingies". i'm definitely a marker type person. :)

even did the a few short rows on the back...(feeling smug) and will do a few on the bust. how incredibly cool this be able to shape and contour a garment to my own preferences!

vertical lines look very nice on me and i'm definitely liking the look of this pattern. i can see this done in several different yarns and getting different looks from each. i always do that with tops when i purchase them..get several in a style i love in many different colors..who woulda thunk it.. i can MAKE them and do the same thing!!

tanya who's very pleased right now.

9:46 AM
Marcy said...

*sigh* I've kinda stalled on my top. I've been busy making socks. But if I put in an afternoon, I'd probably make it to the point of having to separate for the front and back. I'm glad this is done circularly, b/c I run out of steam easily. If I had to do the front and back separately, I'd probably give up after making one side. :-)

2:12 PM

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