Wednesday, June 02, 2004

A Peek at Short Rows

An extra six rows added to the bottom of the back of my sweater should keep the back of my waist covered without tugging!

I did my cheaty version of short rows with no wrapping and no yarn-overs - I'll tell you how I do it Friday (in my usual exhaustive detail.) Tomorrow we are going to The Great Indoors in Phoenix - day trip into the blistering heat. I love it - the Phoenix news stations are saying things like "Record Heat! When will it end?" I'm thinking October.

Anyway - here are some articles on short rows to wet your appetite. Remember, short rows are used to add fullness to an area of the body is rounder (bust, stomach, upper back) on one side and flatter on the reverse.

How to knit short rows on a neckline.
A great article from Knitty
Some fancy uses for short rows - just pictures.

I'm planning on showing you some samples on Friday - hopefully the new DSL modem will be up and running by then.

Remember - you can join us anytime - we don't have a lot of rules or deadlines!


mimi-c said...

Erica, I'm so glad you posted about short rows.......I would like to put some in at the bust. Maybe three or four rows. I think I'm clear on how to turn on each row but, not so clear on how to pick then up after I'm put then in. I'm also wondering just where I should place them. Seems to me that they should be inserted 1 1/2 to 2 inches below the beginning of the armhole. Am I right???

5:17 PM
erica said...

Put them where your extra fullness is - they will act like a dart. The Grand Plan is to do the short row instructions tomorrow (Sunday.) See you there!

11:00 PM

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