Friday, June 04, 2004

News Flash!

Lorna Miser, the designer of the Lapel T-Top is joining us - Whoo-hoo! She is a talented designer - see her work here. We're happy to have her on board :-)


Anonymous said...

I think I'm running along behind, but I just ripped out my first cast-on (forgot and used main color for it) and re-cast on with my contrast color. Thanks, Erica, for the post on joining to start the first round. I was going to have to look it up! I already tried to join and ended up with a twist. Fixed that, now on to start the ribbing. Do I need to mark the beginning of the round?


5:20 PM
erica said...

Yes, you should mark the beginning of the round. I also marked the opposite side with a different color marker because you will eventually be splitting for the front and back.

Usually I put two markers for the beginning of the round (or a really fat marker) and use single markers for other points. I use LOTS of markers so I don't have to think so much :-)

9:43 PM

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