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Welcome to our first Knit-A-Long for 2002
(I can't believe it is really 2002 :-)

Skills - Knit, purl, and decrease (for the two little pieces.) The square is a six inch stockinette "swatch"...and no one will mind if it is not exactly six inches...

Because knitting is like Magic to me, take a trip to Jackie's site (Heartstrings) to see how these three pieces will transform themselves into a Three-Dimensional Stuffed BUNNY!

I am sooooo not into "cute" but I thought this was a wonderful exercise in simplicity...using simple decreasing and a little sewing...and yes, we will do tube socks next :-)

three flat pieces

Just finished putting Bunny together and still can't believe it :-)

Some thoughts on construction:

Leave your cast-on and cast-off tails a couple of feet can use them for sewing and stuff any leftovers inside for more stuffing.

Bury your ends by putting the threaded needle all the way through the body, putting a little tension on the end by pulling and then cut it off close to the surface. When you stretch the fabric, the end will pop back inside.

As soon as I did the head and front legs, I could envision this turning into an angel instead of a bunny...and when the back legs were done, it would have been easy to make a turtle. See where your imagine takes YOU!

See Judy's bunny!

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January 9, 2009
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