Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Ready for Sleeves

Here is my little crescent of knitting - ready to separate into body and sleeves.

I'm using smaller yarn and needles than the pattern calls for, so I knit until the armhole depth was correct to the size I am making. Now I will get a couple pieces of string to use the provisional cast-on for the underarms. When I am ready to sew or graft the underarm together this will mean I can do it without picking up stitches so there won't be a ridge.

Without the sleeve stitches, I had to switch back to a smaller needle. Now I am going to work around on the body stitches until this ball of yarn runs out :-)

I often find a long wonky piece of yarn where I have started (and ended) casting on stitches. The one in the photo is an inch long so I am going to put a twist in it and put that loop on the left needle. Next I will knit it together with the first stitch, decreasing it away.


AbbyR said...

OK, I was getting worried because I just started my sweater, and it doesn't look much like a sweater - but it does look like a dark green version of what you have here, so perhaps all is not lost.
Question: What is this deal when I divide for the sleeves? It says to cast on more stitches as I get to that part - huh?

Abby in Arkansas

2:24 PM, April 06, 2005  

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