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2001 Finished Objects - You Are Here!
2001 Socks (clearly they need their own page :-)

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Bulky rayon chenille cap...sold :-)

Completed in 2001:

12 hats
2 baby blankets
6 scarves
2 vests
one adult sweater
one baby sweater
3 shawls
2 purses
1 dishcloth
28 pairs of socks

Three scarves...oddballs...sold :-)

Short-rowed ear flaps...

Three more hats ...sold :-)

Double Bow hat for CIC

Same hat..another way... for CIC

Scarf based on the See Saw Socks

A very funky snowboarding hat...

sold :-)

Fairisle vest - Philosopher's Wools Technique

Child's Cap in Silk Garden

Shawl sized doilies...


Purse and Seaman's scarf in Kool-aid dyed patterns :-)

Really inexpensive wool...25 cents an ounce...dyed with kool-aid...thought it was time to use it up...sold :-)
Lace doily from Knitter's #50, Spring 1998 - sent to CIC for a baby blanket.
pink dishcloth Karen's Not Too Pretty To Use Dishcloth

Vest for Children in Common
Completed 5-8-01

green striped wooly vest
green hat

My new sleep hat from Berocco's
Xpress yarn - 60% merino, 40% acrylic. Super bulky yarn. Done top down with just a little purl diamond pattern. Two balls...and a couple of hours.... Finished 4-10-01

The VERY cool new Regia Jacquard sock yarn that makes its own pattern...this is a sock in progress. I did a crocheted cast-on and worked down to the toe, which I grafted using the tips on the SockGuy's page. Now I will do the cuff going upward so I can use the rest of the ball with no waste!

Regia jacquard sock
Snowflake Bag

Started out as a sock...ended up a little bag :-) Car knitting for a week.

April 1, 2001

AS Na Craga - top down

Finished 3/31/01

Na Craga
Square fair isle hat

Fair Isle practice hat...make it up as you go! For CIC

March 2001

Baby sweater based on EZ's Knitter's Almanac.
Bright baby sweater
Falkland Island wool cabled shawl

Falkland Shawl
Lovely natural wool from the Falkland Islands, Dunnose Head Farm. Simple triangle started at the back and done with separate fronts for a better fit. The edge is garter stitch and looked a little too flat so I folded it over into a facing.

Just start at the bottom of the back and add cables every time you have enough stitches :-) Sent to CIC for the caregiver's.

Four Corners Hat (child's)

Done with three sections instead of the four in the pattern because I could see the Noro Iroha was going to be pill-y...the purple is cotton softball. From Winter 2000 Knitters....sort of...sold :-)

Four corner's hat
Bebe Stahl Baby Blanket Bebe blanket

This was the most wonderful soft yarn. 100% superwash. It is a plain square blocked into points. Based on basic instructions in Barbara Waterman's Knitted Lace Shawls.

I just gave it to my neighbor, Brenda for her new baby, Sarah :-)

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