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January 9, 2009
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Join an on-line discussion group

One of the most popular attractions on the Internet are the e-mail lists. When you become a member of a list, you join a community of like minded souls talking about...well, that depends on the group :-) Some lists encourage chitchat, others like the members to stay on topic (for the most part) be it sockknitting or "Now that the dog is done with it, what do I do now?"

Remember, when you write to the list, everyone on the list will get a copy of your message. And you will get a copy of every message the other members send to the list. On some lists the amount of traffic is quite may wish to create a special folder in you Inbox just for listmail so you can keep it separate and read it at you leisure. Not everyone enjoys coming home from work to find 200 NEW MESSAGES in their Inbox. Let me know if you need instructions on how to create a folder in your mail program.

Go to YahooGroups and do a search on the word "knitting." Just did it a minute ago and it came up with 102 groups that have something to do with knitting...everything from knitting shop owners to knitters with arthritis. When I get a new passion, I usually join several lists, and after listening for a few days, am able to decide which one interests me.

Besides, you can doing a lot of knitting while you are ready all that knitting news!

Knitting Novices  A safe place for beginners to ask questions. Small, friendly group.
masterknit-usa For Knitter's in the Master's of Knitting Program sponsored by The Knitting Guild of America...and, I suppose, people curious about the program...
The KnitList - Look for them on Yahoo Groups... With over 2000 members, this list generates LOTS of mail. Read the FAQs BEFORE you join. They will answer questions, but usually directly to the person who asked. You will become intrigued with knitted projects that you didn't know existed yesterday, simply by virtue of the sheer number of people on the KnitList doing them. Then again...the flame wars and endless discussion of copyright law get a little tiresome...IMHO. But this is ALL my opinion isn't it :-)
Sockknitters The name says it all...
Norgeknit For knitters interested in making Dale of Norway sweaters...and other steeking pursuits.
ASOF For fans of She Who Must Not Be Named
Ron's List A list of Fiber Lists