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CIC is Children in Common...a charity bringing wooly socks to orphanages in Eastern Europe
28 pairs of socks completed in 2001!
Click on some of the images for a bigger view :-)


Try Me Sox


Cables front and back...for CIC...plain white wool

Wool and sheared mink!

Regia "Las Vegas"

Anatomy socks in Brown Sheep

Two more pair for CIC

LL Liberty Socks

Brown Sheep socks for CIC

Black Rainbow


MORE red socks for CIC

Samoyed fur yarn!

Two pair for CIC

Karen's Red Socks

Karen's Red Socks

Kids Feather & Fan for CIC

BIG, thick socks for CIC

a star-toed tube sock for Children in Common

Star-toed tube socks

CIC socks

Bright socks for CIC

Blue Regia Jacquard

green rainbow socks for CIC

Green Rainbow socks for CIC

the parts of a sock

pastel rainbow socks


Lorna's Laces yarn
Unmatched socks
Fuzzy tan socks


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