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January 9, 2009
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Finished in 2003:
One bag
One toy
Four pair of socks for me
Two pair of socks for the shop
44 pair of socks for CIC
Fourteen hats
Two baby blankets
Three baby sweaters
Eight sweaters for me me me :-)

The back yoke for Not Crabby

Scarf for Arlene - rayon chenille (two colors) and wool.

I LOVE thisVelvet Soft yarn by Wendy - none of the chenille problems - wonderful to use :-)

Five scarves for the shop :-)

They are soooo hard to photograph.


CIC cap of wool and alpaca

Cap for CIC

Trip to Phoenix cap (for CIC)

Cotton Cashmere hats

Kool-Aid dyed cap for CIC


Bair Isle

Slipper socks to be fulled...

Marinot in Progress

Not Thoroughbred

Practicing the body pattern from She Who Must Not Be Named's Katherine Parr (or is it Catherine?)

Yet another practice cap

More Practice!
- for CIC

Not Fulmar... in Progress

knit-a-long  bunny

KnittingNovices Knit-A-Long Bunny


Sockknitter's Rainbow hat

fair isle top down child's cap

Child's cap with hem