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Fair Isle pattern is Sand Dance from VY but I couldn't get used to the patterning on the top so I am doing the pattern from Catherine Parr the round...

Size US 5 (3.75 mm) needles with Hebridean 3-ply.

I always do a complete tube for the body, graft the shoulders, and then pickup stitches for the neck - you can see this in the blue picture - top is the edge of the tube - Bair safety pin is center of the neck - and the white basting thread is where I will pick up stitches for the neckline...MUCH easier than decreasing on both sides, yadda, yadda :-)

Worked on the left sleeve at a Town Council meeting last night and discovered I just couldn't bring myself to spit splice while sitting in the front row - with our attorney - while the Council discussed our issue. I did knit furiously, but felt that since we were paying the attorney to be there (to be our "adult") - I just couldn't bring myself to stick yarn in my mouth and then rub it briskly. Guess I will just have to weave in those two ends...


And when you get bored...just decide the sleeves are going to be three-quarter length. Don't worry about short-rowing the back...just stretch the heck out of it while wet :-) I was verrrrry happy the bottom blocked flat - you can see how much it is curling. The textured body pattern from Catherine Parr is a breeze to do and the fact that it has a plain knit row every five rows made it easy to keep track of the decreases on the sleeves.

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January 9, 2009
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