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In which we have some VERY condensed directions for toe-up socks...The first socks I ever made were toe-down in the normal fashion...EZ's Woodsman's socks from The Knitting Workshop. Her instructions made me feel like I understood enough of the mechanics of the do a toe-up sock, which is the only way that really makes sense TO ME. Toe up, you can decide the length of the foot by trying the sock on...the cuff can be as long as you want...or as long as the yarn lasts :-) I did a lot of "practice" socks out of Peaches/Sugar and Cream yarn from Wal-Mart (and grocery stores in Utah <vbg> since we were on vacation at the time...the sock in the picture was made from one ball of yarn with just a few "feet" left over.

 Pithy Directions...don't ask me how to short row, because I would have to look it up too, at this point in time :-)

Start at toe...figure eight cast on or double knit. Or do a little square and pick up stitches all around.

Put on four needles. Increase on sides until desired size for your foot.

Work even to desired foot length, testing length by pulling it onto your foot.

Divide into front and heel. I put maybe 4-6 extra on heel so it is deep enough. Leave front stitches alone for now.

Work back and forth on heel stitches, short rowing at ends of knitted rows until you have only a couple of stitches left.

Work back down the triangle, picking up one stitch at the end of each row until you have as many stitches as you started with...this makes a heel like a commercial sock with an angled ridge. Fudge the little area where it looks like there will be a hole.

Start working in rounds again. You are on the cuff.

Work to desired length or until you run out of yarn :-)

Bind off LOOSELY. I do the sewn bind-off from EZ...cut your thread LONG (four times the diameter???), thread onto a yarn needle and...

1. Purl through two stitches to the left and leave them on the needle.

2. Knit through the first stitch and drop it off the needle.

Continue until all the stitches are off the LOOSELY!.

I usually take the first stitch and move it to the position at the end of the last needle rather than drop it in step two so it will get both passes...

baby socks in Lorna's Laces pastel rainbow sock yarn

How to make a baby sock...very chatty instructions...

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For a fun top-down sock, try the Blueberry Waffle Sock created by Sandrine Turner.



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