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January 9, 2009
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In which we see a small selection of VERY OLD work of know I am on that shawl kick right now :-) This is from the Olden Days when my store was all handknit, handwoven, and crocheted, one-of-a-kind garments...all made by yours truly! It was fun...I used to knit, read, and watch TV all day long...when I wasn't dyeing yarn that is.

These are all one of a kind...I didn't use patterns...just made them up as I went along. Done side to side.
More old stuff - added 5-1-03


Just photographed this my Nikon 900 digital camera! A couple of minutes in PhotoShop and you would never know I shot these hanging on my board and batten bedroom wall with a lot of shadows since it was late this afternoon. The shawl below is one of my basic ones done in FAB mohair from ArtFibers in SF...and below that is the basic EZ Ribwarmer...with the armholes a little lower.

Get the ribwarmer pattern from Schoolhouse Press.

And the little wool vest on the lower left was my first and last attempt at steeks ...too traumatic although it turned out OK :-)

Pithy Instructions...Cast on enough stitches to go around you :-)

Work straight up to the bottom of the this point I did steeks of 20 stitches so I could keep working the piece all as one instead of having to split for the fronts and backs...but you could do that...

At the base of the neck I cast off enough stitches for the size of neck opening I wanted (both sides) and then did about 14 rows for the shoulders and grafted them together at the top of the shoulders.

There was no step-type shaping of any kind...just a simple rectangle to fit. Your mileage may vary :-)

Absolutely love the yarn from DHF in the Falkland Islands! This peat brown practical pullover is top-down, saddle-shouldered, and has set-in sleeves. Just got a huge cone of their natural cream/white wool and started a shawl this evening :-) Quick peak at the shawl in progress (sorry, image is large :-(

More 2001 FOs can be seen here...


Knitting makes me happy.

Computers keep me humble.