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January 9, 2009
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Animated knitting techniques can watch the little hands cast-on over and over and over...


Socknitting...join the fun :-)
The name says it all...
LOTS of information and patterns
Tatting shuttles of exotic woods
TINY Miniature Garments
Knitting and Assembling your Norwegian Sweater
My current favorite search engine
Patterns in Braille
How to use your Scanner!

And how NOT to use your scanner :-)

Vintage Yarns A table of older/discontinued yarns with weight, fiber content, and yardage.
Norwegian Purl Written instructions for this WONDERFUL technique

more AS books
available from the UK. Exchange rate is about 1.5 dollars per pound sterling
Handy How-Tos Instructions for converting a pull-over to a cardigan, doing intarsia, knitter's graph paper, and MORE!
Darning Socks  
KnitNet Knitting instruction videos and lots of patterns. Also has a subscription section with great patterns and articles.
Dyeing with Kool Aid Kool Aid is a permanent dye on WOOL.
Russian Join How to make an invisible join in two ends of yarn without blurring the colors - they stay separate.
My Tips How to use a ball winder
Magic Loop Method How to knit small circumference items with one long circular needle
HOW to knit round on a circular needle  
 Pencil Knitting An English method with the right needle through the first finger/thumb area rather than under the hand.
Lace Tips A huge list of tips for Knitting Lace