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In which I list tips I have posted to various internet discussion groups and don't want to have to write over and over :-)

How to use a ball-winder:

Thread the yarn through the eyelet/loop from the outside to the inside (closest to the cone). Put the yarn through the notch on the cone (I often need to use a piece of tape to secure it to the cone because the notch is not very deep) Crank away :-)

I put a little tension on the yarn by running it through a cloth held in my left hand...this is subjective. More tension at the very beginning to get it to grip onto the core...and then just a little tension for the rest of the ball. Too much tension and you will stretch the yarn.

If I am winding from my umbrella swift, I will first pull the yarn from the swift into (very neat) "puddles" on the floor...a long string of puddles...and then wind it onto the ball winder. For me, if I spin the swift and try to wind the ballwinder at the same time, it tends to put too much tension on the yarn.

Some people (and I am not one of them) suggest rewinding the ball two more times to get the tension "just" right...




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