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January 9, 2009
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Kersti Hat for shop sample
brown fingerless gloves
Mits in Hebridean
shell stitch crocheted scarf
Wool Chenille scarf for the shop
stars scarf
Adriafil Stars scarf for the shop


More Bleh for the shop...or is it blah?

Scarf for the shop - Bleh :-)

Boa in Tingle - done at Shrek2

Felted scarf from a Chris Bylsma pattern

Kat Blankies for Wendy

Sideways scarf in Prism and J&S - the Prism was NOT all that :-)
Scarf for shop sample
Linen shrug from Ram Wools
Two for the shop
Waikiki-Charm scarf for shop
Flirt Ladder Scarf for the shop
Two diagonal scarves in Kersti

Hat from the Knitting Loom

Three scarves for the shop  
Plus wool velvet scarf - sold

A scarf for the shop done on my round knitting frame in Koigu Kersti

First of the year's boring scarves for shop samples - done at LOTR

Ribbon hat done on round loom