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Wendy Made Me Do It AKA Skully


When I joined the Ingeborg KnitAlong, I had every intention of knitting Frogner (oops - already off the track.) Until May 21st when Wendy had her epiphany and right then and there I knew I had to get up off my lazy boy and be more pro-active in the design area - so Frogner met an early end - or we could say - it morphed :-)

Knitted in Heilo - cream and dark forest green with a hint of soldier blue inside the rectangles. Somesay I will probably put the rest of the buttons on it - two is enough for now :-)

You too can use this cheerful fellow - here is a link to the skull chart. I used Stitch Painter to design it.

Back of Skully

Bottom of Skully with the word "Maybe" which got cut off...

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January 9, 2009
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