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Poncho, Ponchos, and More Ponchos
A collection of free patterns from the Web

Posh Poncho - Crocheted Mesh

Folded Rectangle  - Villa from Knitty

pointy poncho

Pointy Ponch0 - Top Down

Color Waves Poncho

Rectangle with shoulder shaping - Lion Brand - Color Waves Poncho

Instant Poncho - KnittyBlog - TopDown

Classy Poncho - Choo-Choo from Crystal Palace

Boogie Knits Poncho -knit point to shoulder in two pieces

Cabled Poncho from LindasCraftique

Spiky Poncho - one rectangle

Mitered Poncho - Top Down

Crocheted Poncho

Top Down

Poncho Pattern Generator Two Rectangles with sewing diagram
From Knit Witts - no photo
LOTS of crocheted poncho patterns  


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