Knitting makes me happy, computers keep me humble.

Note - NO PATTERNS available for these items - I don't USE patterns and I don't take notes as I make things up. If I haven't included any info it means I can't remember it .

 This wall hanging is behind my desk in the fiber office. Done all in single crochet with cotton and rayon chenille. Think giant potholder.  
  Mauvie - part crocheted - part knitted  
Giant crocheted throw with a zillion colors of chenille.
 Greys of Wrath - Body is crocheted - sleeves are knitted and crocheted.
   Ah...the craft show circuit. This was at a show in Albuquerque in 1986 (checks Hands Across America pot for the date.) We are on our honeymoon - nothing like a good working vacation.
 Did I mention I had a whole career as a basket-maker? Took up hand-dyeing reed after I burned out on the one of a kind sweaters.
   Got the light half of the squares in a trade from Hclub Jen and added the black, red and purple - looks like lighted windows :-)

Toe-up sock with short row heel which is waaaay too shallow.
When I first started doing socks I thought this construction was great.
Now I know better :-)

Crocheted bag - rainbow yarn with loops crocheted as I went...

Crocheted purse with beads around top - cotton yarn dyed with fiber
reactive dyes - done at Paria Canyon, Utah.

Black crocheted hat with multi-colored feather yarn
Crocheted cotton hat with Feather yarn


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January 9, 2009
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