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Circles Sweater in Tiur

Circles in Tiur cardi
Finished 5/7/04 - yippee! Still need to decide on a closure but I keep forgetting to look at buttons when I am at the shop.

 Got this bag of Tiur from Bea Ellis to make a Dale sweater but after letting it age nicely :-) decided I wanted to design a sweater using the weaving patterns in Joyce William's book Latvian Dreams. Saw her at Stitches West 2003 wearing the most wonderful sweater from that my attention!

Used Garment Designer to get the numbers. Will knit one tube for the body and a second tube of the same size to cut in half for the sleeves )because at the time I didn't want to fuss with all the deceasing.) Cut the neckline out of the finished tube. All cut edges are covered with facings.

288 stitches on size 3.5 mm. for the body - just found a large flower type motif for the yoke in an old Peer Gynt pamphlet. It fits evenly into my stitch number - yippee!

More details - the arm seam was machine sewn after I cut the tube apart so the center section of the arm has no decreases - I did all the decreasing in the green area above the cuffs. Cuffs have a rolled edge because I like the way it stretches.

Note to self - it was DAYS of work to sew all those bands down even though I like the look of the picot edge - I just had to keep poking myself with a stick to keep sewing night after night.

Before the front bands are added and before washing and blocking.

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