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Bridal Cardigan from Poetry in Stitches - my version :-)


A little history - purchased a kit for the striped-bobble sweater from Poetry in Stitches from Ram Wools, on sale for only $40 - PS, there are none left. Decided to do the Bridal cardi from Poetry instead - with a few modifications of course :-)

Started New Year's Day 2004.
1/4/04 - have both cuffs done as shown below. Working on that same section of the body. I like to work all similar sections at the same time so I don't have to take notes on the stuff I change.

2/29/04 - Leap Day - Am about an inch above the front neck edge - four inches to go on the body. Looks like the pale green will last for the body at least.

5/23/04 - Finished - whew!

leaf pattern on cuff
On the right is a photo of the cuff. I left out the brown triangles on the pattern because I thought they were ugly. . .

This is the bottom band - forgot to size it smaller so had to block it into ruffles when I was done. And no, it is not a fitted sweater - it is just hanging that way. Can you tell where I got sick of doing sleeves?

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January 9, 2009
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