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Not Crabby

An Aran style cardigan in the lovely and stylish (or should we just say incredibly popular) Red Heart yarn. My two very favorite colors - really - bright yellow and the mexicana mix.

Using 4.00 mm needles (one size less than the 5.00 mm specified on the label for better stitch definition. Done top down - you can see the white string I used for my crocheted cast-on at the neck. I worked the first two thirds back and forth doing intarsia for the yellow saddles - that was fun with those huge logs of Red Heart attached. After two thirds of the body I had enough cabling and switched to working in rounds, so the lower third is steeked. Yes, I did machine sew before cutting.

If I hadn't liked the color so much - really - I would never have finished it. It pilled as I worked on it - the pills were especially obvious on the yellow saddles and the ickrylic wore the skin off my fingers - give me WOOL anytime!

It was NOT designed by Alice Starmore although it was certainly inspired by the sweater Na Craga in Aran Knitting :-)

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January 9, 2009
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