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Norwegian Purl as explained by Saille Simonetti who thanks Wendy Lashman for introducing her to the method. Note from me . . .the motion of this purl stitch reminds me of the Twisted German Cast-on - if you can do that, you can do this :-)


"Purling with yarn in the back is really one, smooth movement, so here's
my take on it:

1. Hold yarn in left hand, behind the work. Your needles will be touching most
of the time. Keep your tension quite taut for control, holding your yarn
finger quite close to the needles.

2. Put right needle behind yarn and insert into the stitch as if to purl

3. Move right needle up and to the right so it goes to the back of the left
needle (you're going to cross the needles)

4. Pick up a loop of yarn as if you were going to knit

5. Don't work the stitch, just bring the loop itself to the front of the needles

6. Go through the stitch knitwise (front to back) and slip the old stitch off. Done!

Okay. So it's one, smooth movement. Let's see if I can describe the

Yarn behind the work, sweep the right needle under the yarn and into the front
of the stitch as if to purl.

Now the tip of your right needle sweeps up, brushing the left needle and clicks
behind it, so you've crossed your needles, left needle in front. You're pulling
your left index finger with yarn towards you. This enables you to keep going
with the movement to loop the yarn around the needles as if you were going to knit.

Do NOT work the stitch yet, just pull the right needles with loop to the front
of the stitch, sweep it (holding the loop with your right index finger, if
needed) through the stitch (from front to back) to knit it, pushing the old stitch off. Tighten the stitch a little and peek--voila!"

Reprinted with permission 4-15-2003

See it in pictures on Theresa's blog.

Another set of illustrations.

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