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January 9, 2009
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Knitting makes me happy, computers keep me humble.

Socks Scroll down to read about the "anatomy" of a sock :-)
The parts of a sock...cuff and body are yellow...nice easy mindless knitting.
Good place for fancy work :-)
Heel flap is orange...nice, easy square.    

At the bottom of the heel flap is the "Turning the Heel" portion in green. This is where you make a square, round, handkerchief, or whatever heel. Since it is such a tiny section, it is easy to try all the different kinds to see which one you would like. It may be the most difficult (not really) part of the sock...but look how TINY it is!

The gusset, in blue, is easy, especially if you put markers where you are going to decrease on both sides so you don't forget to decrease every other row.

Yellow body...mindless around and around/

The toe, in orange is another series of decreases...

The yarn I used is Brown Sheep's "Lamb's Pride Worsted." 85% wool and 15% mohair. I LOVE this yarn...has great stitch definition...but since it is a lightly twisted single, I don't know how pilly it might be...

A weekend project - samples of all the heel styles...