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Purchased enough AS Machair to do Fulmar...but after doing the saddles, knew I did not want to do another set of "not fun" cables like the Sticks and String Aran, so I just shopped a few cables from Aran Knitting and did my own down of course :-)

Using twisted german cast-on, CO 100. Work k3p2 rib. Work saddles on both sides. This will have set-in sleeves, so I did the saddles to less than my full shoulder width. Pick up stitches across front (or back.)

Set pattern and go for it :-) US 4 needles on the sleeves.

Working my way down the sleeves...if I would just put down the Fair Isle, I might get this one finished :-) It will definitely need a serious blocking!

Update - after putting this aside since last winter, getting side tracked (and falling in love with) Fair Isle, and spending the summer doing socks for CIC - I picked this up tonight, for Monday night football...realized I had no real interest in continuing the cables (and yes, I DO have my notes attached to the inside and the row I stopped on is marked...) so I decided to rip back the slightly longer sleeve to match the shorter and then finish the sweater - arms and body with k5 p2 ribbing. This will mean I should be DONE soon :-)

Happy FO dance - even softer after washing. Cold-ish and rainy here today - perfect sweater weather! Now...what should I be planning for the one-of-each-color Jamieson's SoftSpun I ordered yesterday?

shortwaisted sweater

Not to mention - when you are very short-waisted, there is a lot less sweater to knit :-)


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January 9, 2009
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