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Top down Aran from the book Two Sticks and String which they were practically giving away at Hamilton Books.

Used some well-aged Brunswick Ballybrae that I got in a grab bag from Webs years ago. The label says "unscoured wool with natural oils" and I have heard of people complaining this yarn was very oily...but since it has been sitting dry Arizona, where everything gets a daily coat of powdery, fine dust...this was soooo not oily...but it was very soft and rather fragile, i.e. I could easily break a strand by tugging...of course, it may have been that way originally :-)

The cable patterns were a bit of a PITA because I couldn't look at them and tell what to do next, so I used a spreadsheet with moving paperclips for the body and little octagonal pieces of cardstock for the sleeve instructions...

Now you know what I did on my Christmas Break! And I would definitely recommend this pattern as an easy top-downer...I will just change the cables next time. also did well on its trip though the Maytag gentle cycle (I pay no attention to whether a wool is machine washable or not :-) got one little broken thread on one of the sleeves, but it was easy to fix...

Took about six skeins, used US size 5 and 8 needles. Did K3P2 ribbing on the sleeves and bottom rather than the unstretchy, awful twisted rib on the neckline...

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January 9, 2009
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