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Finished in time to wear to TNNA in San Diego. Did the tubular/Kitchner bind-off on the sleeves but one is tight and one is loose so I am going to take them out and do a regular bind-off...sleeves are soooo boring to do, I don't think I can face another set - there must be another way. Let's see - if I incorporated a section between the fronts big enough for the widest part of two sleeves and then cut them out, there would be a seam down the inside of the sleeve but they would get knitted at the same time as the rest of the sweater so they would match the patterning exactly...I think Garment Designer is going to make this possible :-)

Below is the back. Can you see the one pattern that came from Marina? I got carried away :-) The cute little doggies are from Kolstad and Takle's "Small Sweaters" book.

Starting with the premise of the Marina Cardigan in Scottish Collection...working with only solid colors of campion (none that are heathered) and using the three balls of (different) indigos as a background. Size 3.25 needle. C0 6-80-7-159-7-80-6. I like my underarms to have a few stitches, not just the one that AS leaves.

Worked a couple of rows in k1k1 and realixed it was curling (duh). Redid half the knits to be purls and realized it was twisted :-) Good time to start over...after all, this is about the PROCESS, right?


The Jamieson and Smith yarns are here!

Currently working on this little lattice from "Swedish Sweaters."

Had a Homeowner's Assoc. from H*ll Saturday night where I needed to stay CALM so I was able to get quite a bit done on the blue flowers :-) Last meeting I brought non-thinking socks...this time I needed MUCH stronger distraction...

The top of the ribbing shows the navy held in my left hand and the bottom of the ribbing shows the COLORS held in my left hand and the navy in my does make a huge difference :-)


Rules for Choosing Colors:

Step one...Dump all your fair isle yarns into a pile on the floor.

Step two...Make some rules. Note: Rules can be ANYTHING. They are simply ways to eliminate some of the ten thousand possibilities :-) One of my ongoing rules is to use up bits and pieces even if there is only enough for one row in that color.

Step three...Take out the yarns that do not fit your rules. For instance, in my short sleeved sweater I only used heathered yarns - no solid colors, whereas in the one I am working on now, I am using ONLY solid colors.

Step four...Divide the yarn into two groups - lights vs darks OR one color family against another...or whatever YOU want.

Step five...Have fun arranging each of the groups into the order you want to use them...I always put them into rainbow order, but that is just MY rule...

Step six...Cast on and go for it!


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January 9, 2009
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