Knitting makes me happy, computers keep me humble.

Started Dale's Lake Placid last Sunday afternoon...needed some easy knitting (the body) so I did a crocheted cast-on and will get the yoke out of the way first. Working in Pier Gynt and Heilo on size 4.0 mm needles. Smallest size - 240 st. - forgot to figure in increases after ribbing - oh well...

Working the sleeves on 16 inch circulars - swatch on left is one of them. Working DOWN so the V's will be facing the other way - I know I can live with it :-) May have to add a fourth color to make it to the end...

Washed in the kitchen sink and spun in the dryer...took less than an hour to dry on the wooly board facing the fan :-) Still need to smash down the sleeve facings and the bottom edge.

Have fifteen ball bands - a couple were less than full.

If you look closely you can see the row I repeated at the top of the diamonds on point...a design element or a mistake?

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January 9, 2009
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