Knitting makes me happy, computers keep me humble.

Been watching lots of Olympic action on TV and keeping an eye out for interesting hats and scarves on the tourists :-) This was done top down...white"lice" for stars on the top. Got to use up a little ball of leftover mohair...I LOVE to use things up!

Used a chart from Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting for the ringed section. Discovered the two color ribbing was easy if I purled with my right (usual) hand and did the knit stitches with my left (less handy) hand.

Made a facing/hem out of shiny, red rayon and kept the hat loose...just the way I like it.

No pattern :-) Use a crocheted cast-on, st. st. a square...pick up stitches around the edges...increase two on each side. Use this as your swatch to figure out how many total stitches you need for your head size. Stop increasing when you get the correct number of stitches and work straight down. Stop when it is long enough...


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January 9, 2009
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