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Got four different skeins of Mexican Wave for half-off at Red Rock Knits and decided they needed to be a baby blanket. Thought about a rectangle and bogged down on "How many stitches to cast on for the edge?" Then remembered...start it from the center :-) See the finished blankie at the bottom of the page :-)

Using a provisional or crocheted caston, CO 4 stitches (I am using size US 8 needles.) Starting with a knit row, knit 7 rows in stockinette. At the end of the seventh not turn...take a second needle and pick up four stitches along the left side. Take a third needle and put the four stitches from the provisional cast-on onto it...knit across them. With your fourth needle, pick-up four stitches along the last side of the square. You now have 16 stitches on four needles.

Row 1 - K1, place a marker to mark the start of the round, yarn over (YO), K2, YO, K1. You have increased two stitches on the first needle. Do this on the next three needles. 24 stitches.

Row 2 - Knit around. 24 stitches.

Row 3 and all subsequent odd rows - K1, YO, knit to one stitch before end of needle, yo, K1. Do this on each needle. 8 stitches increased.

Row 4 and all even rows - Knit around without increasing.

Keep going...transfer to a circular needle when you have enough stitches on the needle. End with 5+ rows of garter stitch if you don't want the edge to curl. Work until you run out of yarn or it is the size you want :-)

If you are feeling creative, work a pattern into the solid sections.

I picked my needle size while doing the first few rows of four stitches - starting with the ball bands suggested size 4 - I quickly went up in size to get a softer, looser fabric more suited for a baby blanket.

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January 9, 2009
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