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These are all shawls I am weaving for Children in Common to bring to the caregivers at the orphanages they visit in Eastern Europe and Russian. I have sooooo much wool to use up and I can easily weave three shawls a week so this has become my summer charity work :-)
Using a 10 dent reed, each shawl is 20 x 92 inches.

2003 total- 53 shawls for CIC  

Last two for 2003 - have one on the loom and lots more yarn :-)

Back on track after NaNoWriMo
Last one before the CIC deadline

You know the drill :-)

For CIC - done on dental leave :-)


Three more :-)

Three for CIC

Three more for CIC

Six for CIC

Three for CIC - 6/22/03

Three woven shawls for CIC

Three woven shawls for CIC - 6/8/03

Three woven shawls for CIC 6/16/03

Wool Shawl for CIC

Wool Shawl for CIC

Woven Shawl for CIC

Woven shawl for CIC - a loverly blue-green fuzzy one :-) 20" x 64" sett at 10 epi with multiple ends.

Woven yardage in Kitty - clasped weft technique - March 2003

Camel and wool shawl for CIC 5/03

Wool Shawl for CIC - April 2003

Baby Camel Shawl for CIC - 4/03

Shawl for CIC


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January 9, 2009
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