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Started 10-7-03
Working on Rosarie from Virtual Yarns. Needle size 3.25
Uses 70 gm. Caluna,
75 gm.
35 gm. Poppy,
55 gm. Red Rattle, and
45 gm. of Clover for the smallest size.

An easy pattern since there are only five colors and each combination is used for 6-7 rows at a time. The band is purled every other row which I did by slipping...OK, I forgot to do the last purl row - my excuse is I was on the way home from gum surgery (and I always have them knock me out) so I guess I wasn't totally paying attention :-)

close-up of bottom band on the needles

Finished - 11-13-03

rosarie vest

Decided not to do buttons - will do a three sets of ties on the front. Ran out of Red Rattle for the bands but have 50g of the other colors left, mostly the two dark colors - Caluna and Kelpie. The bottom band rolled completely but blocked flat with no problem. The two reds are orange toned - chinese and tomato :-)


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