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Fuggles - A Crocheted Boa
Crocheted entirely in Trendsetter Yarns - NO PATTERN AVAILABLE...because it is so simple you don't need one.

red boa in Trendsetter foo-foo yarns

I did a base strip in single crochet about four inches wide and two yards long which I covered with chain-stitched ruffles - i.e. chain x number of stitches, single crochet to tack to fabric, chain some more, tack to next sc - keep going until you can't stand to make another chain stitch or until the base strip is covered. If you know someone who says all they know how to crochet is one long chain - hand them the hook and make them do all the chains for you. Cover both sides of the base fabric - I used four balls of Glamour, and two each of eyelash, Papi, Voila Print, and Marbella - retail cost about $125 for the yarn alone :-)

close up of yarns used

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January 9, 2009
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